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We work in between Milan, Italy and Austin, TX (USA)

serving clients all over the world.

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Our Creative Founders.

After more than 40 years of experience, Carmelo Di Bartolo and Irene Di Bartolo Molina, founded Design Research in conti-nuity with the experiences gained in the past working in the present, designing a better, sustainable and law-abiding future.

The research and projects we develop belong to the processes of Advanced Design. 
We are used to being able to read structures in nature and create analogue models. We use the Bionic methodology applied to Design, to define future products and services. 
A trandisciplinary team of Designers Researchers, Biologists, Industrial Designers, Materials and Product Engineers, dialogue with the professional figures within the companies to build together innovation models best suited to the expectations and needs of the customers.

Founder and CEO
Carmelo Di Bartolo

Former Director of IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), Founder of CRIED (Centro Ricerche IED), and Funder of Design Innovation (now a BTS Company). In the last 40 years, Carmelo successfully worked with corporate, governments, and institutions to reimagine the world we live in. He has expertise in Bionics applied to Industrial design, Advanced Design systems, and future scenarios.

Founder and Design Manager
Irene Di Bartolo Molina

Irene started her career at Design-Innovation, up until its Exit. She worked in Spain in Events Management Production as a Creative Director, earned a Master's in Design Management at Pratt Insititute, and founded The Lot Pop, a consumer app sold to Dwellio in 2020. Since then, she has been helping companies grow through Product Management.

Irene brings to the table startup experience and business aspects to create sustainable solutions.

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